November 29th, 2006


Ralph is a male border collie that lives and plays in Gilbert, IA. Ralph is what I like to call semi-psychotic and is a bit timid and a tad aggressive towards people he does not know. No, Ralph has never been teased or tormented, he’s just a bit of a nut job…he even has his own animal behaviorist…so yes, he is officially a tad crazy.

kisses.JPGRalph is extremely friendly towards the people that he knows and just needs a proper introduction to those people he hasn’t yet met. Take Kester for example…First meet and greet…Ralph says ‘I want to kill you”. As soon as Kester threw a frisbee for Ralph however, it was nothing but love from there on out.

Ralph was adopted from the Boone County Humane Society on September 11th, 2001. From the first day we brought him home, he’s always had a cat that he torments and attempts to herd. Ralph has a good sense of when Ropeburn (the cat) is doing something wrong and doesn’t hesitate stomping on him to correct it. Ropeburn established his dominance back in 2001 on day one. Ralph walked up to the cat to introduce himself and was promptly bitch-slapped across the face with a paw full of claws. He yelped and hid behind us for the rest of the night. Oh how the tables have turned…

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